Muay Thai

At N1 Thai, We Support Champions. We train and aspire to a higher way of living and being. Words such as discipline, loyalty and respect carry real weight; they mean something. The traditions of Muay Thai, its teachings and its disciplines, are the foundation of our club.

Muay Thai is without equal in the striking arts. Known as the science of eight limbs, you will develop the ability to deliver power punches, kicks, knees and elbows from all angles and every range to all parts of the body. From the ring to the cage to the street, the techniques and principles of Muay Thai have been battle tested upon the world stage, and remain the preferred striking style of the world’s most prominent combative athletes. Best of all and with its focus on practical outcomes, Muay Thai provides its practitioners with functional, applicable skills all within a relatively short timeframe.

N1 students enjoy personal attention every class, and are encouraged to come as they are, regardless of current condition or lifestyle. A place of true freedom, of learning and of development, we celebrate your goals and will push you to achieve them, providing the elite level coaching, structure, accountability and support necessary for real and lasting achievement.

Best of all, Muay Thai training provides the means to real change. Our students range from amateur and professional fighters, to those looking for real personal power and the peace of mind that comes with true confidence. If you feel the call to something greater, take the chance to be something more, take the chance to be your best!

Note: All classing provides an intense, cardiovascular, body sculpting and muscle building workout. You will experience new levels of health, fitness and confident well-being while developing your Muay Thai skill set.

Thai 1 (Fundamentals): Thai 1 empowers the student with the basic strikes, movements, offensive combinations, and defensive principals necessary for immediate application and further development. Good Muay Thai starts at the foundation. (Open to all)

Thai 2 (Applications): Building upon the established foundations of Thai 1, the student learns to apply their knowledge with greater offensive and defensive sophistication. Interactive drilling focused on timing, balance, troubleshooting and strong fighting structure in addition to light contact, developmental sparring provides new opportunities for the Thai 2 student.

Thai 3 (Advanced Applications): Thai 3 further develops the students in ring fighting tactics.  Greater levels of conditioning are expected as the classing makes aspects of the fight itself including ringmenship, fight day preparation and opponent breakdown its focus.

All Levels: A mix of the curriculum based on the students in attendance, All Levels classing draws from the Thai 1 and 2 curriculums.

Clinch: The student learns to physically grasp and control an opponent while protecting themselves defensively, and acting offensively through projections and strikes involving the elbows, hands and knees.

Fight Camp: The fight camp curriculum and classing works to support our athletes for their upcoming bouts and competition. The action is aggressive and geared towards success in the full contact professional and amateur Muay Thai ring. Students do not need an upcoming bout to participate.

Sparring and Technical Development: Under the guidance and observation of Kru Naaron , students receive direct critique and observation to accentuate their individual sparring strengths and  shore up any potential weaknesses. We spar as a team and together. (Note: Sparring is entirely optional and without pressure)